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ocal schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight. beer live in from montwhere police are -- we're live in fremont where police are in the middle of a deadly police
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shooting. >> reporter: a pleasant hill beauty salon goes up in flames overnight. investigators this morning have determined this was not an accident. what was found at the scene? what points to arson. and a frightening scene in oakland, that involves an out- of control car. "mornings on 2" starts right now. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'mer to cam -- i'm tori campbell. two police officers are on leave after shooting andkying a man overnight. it happened while they were responding to a domestic violence call. janine de la vega has new information from a neighbor about the deadly confrontation. >> reporter: well, we just
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moved our live trucks where you can see where this happened. just so now -- just so you know, the westbound traffic is closed because investigators are still gathering evidence inside this complex. they want to make sure this is a thorough investigation because this is -- is the first officer-involved shooting of the year. last night at around 11:00, the caller called to say her roommate was being attacked by her husband. whenever officers arrived, they saw a man who was naked with a knife. they asked him to stop and drop his weapon. when he did not, officers opened fire and shot the suspect. the neighbors heard gunshots. >> they were really quick shots, really close to each other. less then ten. it happened very quickly.
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and we heard a woman screaming across the street. >> reporter: the man was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. we're told he was 37 years old, from san jose. the two officers are both on paid leave. one has been with the department for three years and the other has been with the department for more than 20 years. the woman, the victim in this case, we're told she was taken to the hospital, she's okay. and she's being interviewed by police. police are telling us she did not live with her with her husband, apparently they were estranged. still a police presence out here. that's why westbound lanes of central avenue are still closed. reporting live from fremont, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. a pleasant hill beauty salon went up in flames overnight. alex savidge is live at the
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strip mall on contra costa boulevard and you just got an update from officials what they are -- what are they saying? >> reporter: well, the fire appears to be suspicious. there is what appears to be a molotov cocktail. the chief said he collected quite a bit of useful evidence inside this beauty salon. also, this woman showed up at the scene. she appeared to be the owner of the business. firefighters found a beer bottle. the investigator says he is trying to see if a similar device was used to start the fire. he's searching for glass pieces from a bottle inside the business. the front window was already broken when firefighters got here around 11:30 last night. that's suspicious in and of
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itself. this is in a strip mall on contra costa boulevard in pleasant hill. the fire outside was fairly small and knocked out in short order by fire crews. all signs point to an intentional start. >> when we arrive, our first attempt is to try to determine where the fire may have started and we try to get that to a small enough area and then you may be on hare hands and knees -- on your hands and knees looking for evidence, sifting through the debris. >> reporter: he poured out the contents of the molotov cocktail and that bottle that was found there will be checked for fingerprints. you can see a woman who has
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just arrived here on scene. we do understand that this is associated with this business in all likelihood, she's the owner, right now talking with the arson investigator, here on scene, he tries to figure out who intentionally set fire to this business. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. the red cross is helping a san leandro family find shelter after their home was badly damaged. firefighters rushed to the hospital as -- rushed to the house at san leandro and davis about 8:30 last night. two people in the house were trying to fight these flames. fire crews were able to put the fire out in about 20 minutes. investigators are still not sure how the fire started. 7:06. both presidential -- both president obama and mitt romney are making their way through the battleground states for the last day of campaigning before the election tomorrow. coming up -- whereby the
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candidates stand and how they are swinging the tight election in their push for the white house. in new jersey, governor chris christie says voters will be able to cast traditional paper ballots in polling stations that have lost power. and new jersey voters who have been displaced by the storm wills have have the option of factions or e-mailing their ballots and voters could get another day to cast their ballots if turnout falls below 25%. >> you're gonna vote old school, approved --er. it will take us longer to count but we have to make sure everybody can vote. >> voters in new york city can have a tough time. polling locations at all five of the boroughs have been
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relocate order combined. and they had a small earthquake in new jersey, it was a magnitude 2.0 quake. while the quake didn't cause a lot of damage, some people did hear a loud boom. the last time they had a quake that size in that area was about 2010. it is back to school, back to work for millions of people in the new york and new jersey area today for the first time since the big storm. and it could be a really tough commute into new york. a lot of public transit routes are still out of service and gas supplies are very short. you are looking at some new video we just got into our newsroom from the lincoln tunnel. there's good news, 80% of new york city's subway system has reopened. muni is celebrating 100 years of service in the bay area and for the rest of the week, you can expect to see
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vintage street cars, cable cars, buses and trolley buses. you may get a chance to ride one. several cars are running between the f line and the castro district and fisherman's wharf. others are outside of the railway museum. the festival lasts until sunday. time now about 7:09. sal, you've been rather busy on this monday morning. >> yeah, it was busier earlier dave, you are right. things are starting to get a little bit better and we do have some slow traffic out there as well. let's go out to the commutes. livermore, 580 westbound coming in from livermore, but it stays slow in dublin. as we look at the east shore freeway kind of slow from pinole to richmond and then highway 4 in eastern contra costa county, slow in antitook and over the hill to bay point. 24 looks okay between walnut
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creek and oakland. bay bridge toll plaza, it's backed up for about a 25-minute delay. once you make it on the bridge, it does look good. >> i almost forget, steve. >> we're waiting for the train to go by. northbound 280 traffic a little bit slow getting into the valley. >> let's go to steve. it's already mild for some. a lot of 60s up and down the coast. today will be one of those days where the record highs are set closer to the beaches. it's gonna be an interesting week, topsy-turvy. we'll go from very warm to very cold on friday. my smartphone weather app for some says we're going to 85. is that right? yes, that's right. the fog is returning. the big change will be thursday and friday. a cold system is coming in. a cold system usually doesn't hold a lot of wet weather but
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we'll get some. just some patchy fog, napa and santa rosa, high pressure aloft and at the surface. it's offshore and that means temperatures will be warming up. the records today, the most impressive one really is san jose. the last time they were 82 was 1901. we're going 82 today. san rafael would not. the record is 83. 77 i'm going 83. san francisco, the record is 80. santa rosa mass been 8. the last time was 1980. i'm going 85. might be like 81, 82. any way you slice it there will be a lot of temperatures in record-setting territory. easterly wind at napa. only southwest at snowe but that's less than five miles an hour. 48 antioch. 47 fairfield. 60 in san francisco. i've seen a lot of 63s.
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in fact, christie field, the financial district down to south beach and china bay, they are all down to 63. at 61. everything right here as far as the jet stream goes up and over but a system will come right down from alaska dune to thursday and friday. enjoy the sunshine. this is the one day -- i think i'll go to the coast because i didn't go there last night. 80s to -- i always double church -- double clutch on that. 80, fremont -- fremont. 80 in half moon bay. it will still be nice to warm on election day. big cooldown thursday with the rain coming in. it's the cold air that will settle in. the weekend will be all right. but really cold in the weekend. 7:12. san jose's homicide rate has reached a 16-year high. but it will take months before the police department gets help getting file -- fighting crime. the recruits are not expected
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to reginn -- begin patrols until next summer. going to higher paying agencies. over the weekend, the city recorded a homicide, tying the record. and why melky cabrera still gets to share in the payoff from the celebration. why people stood in line chanting let us vote! at miami-dade headquarters.
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well, low temperatures anywhere from 40s to low 60s. those 60s are closer to the coast. it will be sunny for everybody today and possible record highs from oakland to san francisco
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and up and down the coast. >> 7:15. president obama and mitt romney are battling for a handful of states on the final campaign day of the 2012 race. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with the latest poll numbers that show alison after months of campaigning, millions of dollars spent, are we still at a tie? >> the let's take a look here at the latest polls that show the popular vote is still up for grabs. a rasmussen poll this morning out shows mitt romney up by 1. a cell phone poll shows a tie, pew has obama up by 1. nbc, may up by 1. here's the rally in central florida and he also heads to virginia, ohio and new hampshire, calling on his supporters to get to the polls. >> we thank you. we ask you to stay at it all the way, all the way to victory
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on tuesday night. >> reporter: president obama makes one last argument to voters today in wisconsin and ohio and ends his day in i. >> you on the one hand, you can -- iowa. >> on the one hand, you can return to the policies or you can join me on building a future that will build a strong middle-class future. >> reporter: mitt romney will have kid rock as his rally tonight and president obama will have j-z at his rally tonight -- jay-z at his rally tonight. political analysts are talking about what would happen in the unlikely event that president obama and mitt romney end up with a tie, each getting
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269 electoral college votes. well, in that case, the constitution calls for the house to choose the president and since the republicans are expected to hold on to their majority, they would hold to -- they would choose mitt romney. >> let us vote! >> in miami-dade, this was the scene after election headquarters tried to close the doors to early voters three hours ahead of schedule. people standing in line for hours were furious. initially election workers said they didn't have a chance to let them in. occupy protesters say they are going back to washington, d.c. for a preelection day
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protest. now, the lass encampment ended in february after 74 days -- days they are saying they want today's government to show that we are the 99%. organizers are calling for a peaceful demonstration protesters are washed no weapons will be allowed, no violence will be tolerated. >> well, santa clara county is offering a free new smartphone app to make voting easiers. now, the app is available for iphones, ipads and an dry platforms. you can follow the election results as they come in tomorrow right here on ktvu tv channel 2 start, at 4:00 p.m. you can get it on our channel 2 website, 7:19, an extremely you large generator is on the move from the san onofre power plant
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to a disposal site in utah. it weighs more than 700,000 pounds and southern california edison says the moving truck is longer than a football field. it will take about three weeks to reach utah. authorities say it creates low levels but is not expected to be dangerous. well, back to baseball, melky cabrera, he was not on the playoff roster after he was reinstated following his
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suspension for steroids. but he will still get his payoff of $340,000. he would normally have made 72% of that. however, the rule mandates the full amount if the team plays ten games. he was eligible to come back and then the giants played ten games. it losses like muni will be making a big statement because of vandalism. muni will have to pay $700,000 to replace that bus, one that was set on fire by the giants' fans after the giants won the world series. it turns out san francisco's policy does not cover buses set on fire. that's a blow to muni because they just spent about 300,000 refurbishing buses last year.
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>> all right. 7:21. it's mostly clear outside. in fact, some parts of the bay area could cup close to record- breaking temperatures. up next, steve paulson will tell us where we're most lickly -- where we're most likely to see it heat up. and a 2-year-old boy killed after falling into a pit. what happened moments after the fall. good morning. we have slow traffic coming in. we'll tell you more about the morning commute.
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imagine, imagine going to your storage unit. you open your door and you see a 15-foot boa constrictor right there. it happened to a couple near
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seattle. animal rescue captured it. >> i thought something was playing a prank on us. >> i touched it. it feels like a live critter and they say they have no idea how that got into their storage unit. the pittsburgh zoo is closed indefinitely. a woman put her son on top of a railing to see and the boy lost his balance and fell to a pit and there were seven dogs there. he died. it's still unclear if he died from the fall or from the attack. >> just imagine. >> just terrible. >> all right, tori. 7:25. let's check in with sal. you are watching our commute and you are keeping an eye on the toll plaza? >> that's right. it's getting slow there.
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it's come -- it's wuming in westbound. it's back up -- it's backed up for a delay. there was an earlier stall. no major crashes on that span. let's talk about the 880 northbound. we've had a couple of different incidents, northbound 880 up in downtown oakland near the em car ba der row. there -- embarcadero. and all of a sudden what was agued commute is slowing down. livermore valley, westbound 580 slow traffic there. also slow on the east shore freeway and then in marin county, in sonoma county, it's very very slow. if you are a north bay commuter, you need a few extra minutes. >> well -- let's go to steve. >> it's really warm in the city. i think i saw 62, 63 so ma, all
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the way over to -- solma, all the way over to crissy field. i mean, it's going to be a record-setting day. it's gonna extremely warm. everybody is going up and over right now. you can see all of the cloud cover just being -- veering rapidly. made on the coast. some of this high pressure today and tomorrow says sunshine and very warm temperatures. it will all change. warm and high, especially along the coast. 85 santa rosa, 80 concord. 82, san jose which would tie the high going back to 1901. 80s to the 50s with a cold rain as we head to the end of the week. >> wow. all right. >> uh-huh. >> thank you, steve.
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a dramatic boat rescue in marin county. the extreme measures it took to trap two trapped underneath a boat. >> reporter: a pickup truck driver slams into a fabric shop and some are without power. and more voters have are taking their ballots to the mailbox. "mornings on 2" continues.
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ancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight.
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7:30. we're tracking overnight news in oakland's new chinatown neighborhood where a driver plowed into a fabric store rupturing a water main. ktvu's tara moriarty is live with a look at the damage and information on how the crash happened. >> reporter: well, good morning. if you take a look at the parking lot across -- across the street, you can see there's damage. instead of hitting the brake on the vehicle, the teenager mistakenly hit the gas pedal, lurched across the street and slammed into the fabric shop. witnesses say this happened at 12th avenue and 12th street. neighbors who live upstairs say they heard the crash, the truck
7:32 am
hit a water line as well. so crews had to turn off the water supply and they were forced to cut off the power because there were -- because there were electrical boxes. firefighters rolled the truck out of the storefront and no word on what caused the accident. but from what the driver was saying. he just -- the gas for the brake. officials say it does not appear that alcohol or drugs played a role. luckily, nobody was hurt. coming up wile hear from the neighbor who said she could not -- we'll hear from the neighbor who said she could not sleep last night and has no idea when her power will be restored. back to you. >> thank you, tara. both president obama and mitt romney are -- are making one last push before the election tomorrow. we'll have a live report from boston coming up where mitt romney will be watching the elections come in. and arizona group has been ordered to reveal who is behind
7:33 am
and $11 million contribution to two campaigns in california. the arz-pac is funding campaigns against proposition 30 and for proposition 32 which would limit the ability of unionses to raise money for political causes. california teachers are working phone banks encouraging people to work for proposition 30 and opponents are working equally as hard to encourage a no vote. >> this is all about creating positive learning environments for kids. if we have to take another cut, it will be tremendous. >> the amount of money that will flow into classrooms is way less than what's being advertised in this campaign.
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time now, 7:33. well, bay area voters are already turning out in record numbers even before election day tomorrow. more than 800,000 residents are voting by mail this year. ktvu's brian flores joining us live from san francisco with more about the election. good morning. >> good morning. arguably one of the more -- in terms of voter turnout, we can expect the same thing but one thing that's different this year is the amount voters. more people are taking their ballots to the mailbox. as we mentioned, 800,000 bay
7:35 am
area residents like voting at the polls. >> i like to go, the physical aspect of it and being part of the election day. >> i have a busy day. i wearing the stickers. you feel like you are part of the masses. >> reporter: they are concerned about proposition 30 which is the temporary tax to fund education. proposition 32 which is the political contributions and prop 7 which is the labeling of genetically engineered foods. while some are deciding those issues, others are undecided as well. >> i feel bad about that in the sense. i do -- i want to vote. but it's just -- you know, it is who to vote for or what to
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vote for. i'm just very discouraged with the way things are now. >> reporter: back to voter turn you, half of the voters are expected -- turnout, half of the voters are expected to turnout. 18million registered voters, that's actually up about 960 -- 940,000 voters than the previous election. we are he -- we're live, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, brian. kur follow the election result as they come in right -- you can follow the election results as they come in right starting at 4:00. the east coast is preparing for another big storm, even as the region works to recover from sandy. a nor'easter could hit midweek causing more beach erosion, flooding and rain. thousands of homes are still without power in new york city where temperatures are expected to drop in the 20s overnight.
7:37 am
>> people are in homes that are uninhabitable. it and that will become increasingly evident when the power and heat don't go on. seven people including four children are safe after being rescued from a capsized vote in marin county. >> they used a saw to rescued he cue two kids right there. they were trapped more 90 minutes in that upsite down boat. a helicopter rescued two other children and -- their both overturned near the bay yesterday afternoon. no one was wearing a life jacket. so everyone is lucky to be
7:38 am
alive. >> thank god the kids got away alive. >> one adult suffered from mine off injuries. still not clear -- minor injuries. still not clear why it flipped over. we want to check in with sal. >> it's a little bit busier today. we have an accident west 80 as you drive through richmond. we've had slow traffic in vallejo there is a couple of crashes, one mere nag scene street. so 80 is not doing well. there is a -- one near magazine street. so 80 is not doing well.
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livermore valley, not good. it's backed up from livermore all the way to dublin and slow traffic as well. we also have slow traffic on 880 south from 238 heading down. let's go to the live pictures. bay bridge is backed up for a 30-minute delay. it's backed up because of stalled vehicles. and this morning's commute in san jose, 101 slow from capital expressway heading up to sunnyvale. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. >> you are welcome. >> it's already mild for some low os for many, san francisco, half moon bay. santa rosa going for 85 which would be a record. 85 would be a record. not only would it be a record for the day. that's my forecast high. oakland should have no problems. san rafael, no, if this comes
7:40 am
in. they will be close. record-setting day. the reason, east, east or an easterly component all the way up in the higher elevations. san francisco is sitting at 60 degrees but i've seen 63 along the embarcadero. don't have to worry about anything until transition day which will be wednesday and then a very cold system will drop in. record highs, a little breezy on the hills. temperatures, 70s and 80s. coast, bay, inland. it will be one of those days where you will find warmer temperatures on the coast. 82 san jose. pleasanton, warm on tuesday. not as warm as today. today will be the warmest day of the week by a mile. fog will be back. late thursday into friday. highs will go from the 80s to the 50s. but the morning lows will be very cool. what a change. thank you, steve. 20 minutes before 8:00. the city attorney's race in
7:41 am
oakland turning nasty. the challenger now threatening to sue the incumbent. now we have their response. and how apple manages to pay taxes of less than 2% on billions of dollars in earnings
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stocks are mixed in the early going before the opening bell on wall street, stocks were low amid with the uncertainty about the outcome of the u.s. election along with greece. the dow is currently down 9. the nasdaq is up 7. s&p is
7:44 am
flat. apple paid $713 million in tax on the nearly $37 billion it made overseas. that is less than 2%. if it brought that money home, apple could pay as much as $35% income tax on those earnings but leaving the money overseas is completely legal and many other multinational companies do exactly the same thing. e-commerce is about to go up against a california law that limits how much information retailers can get from consumers who use a credit card. itunes, ebay and other retailers say they need to get information to avoid fraud and identity theft. but privacy advocates say e- tailers are violating a 20-year
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old law. less than 24 hours until election day. president obama will watch the returns come in tomorrow in chicago. mitt romney will be in boston. that's where our reporter is live to send us the message on this. >> reporter: hi, dave. the last day and long day who will be campaigning. he told his about 3200 supporters, they have to get people to get out and vote because he said it's going to be a matter of every vote counts. it is inticktive -- it is indicative. [chanting] >> reporter: one more day! that was the chant that greeted republican candidate mitt romney at the first campaign of
7:46 am
his last day on the campaign trail. one more day until they would like to see him voted president- elect. the key to the equation would be florida. >> we can begin a better tomorrow, tomorrow and with the help of the people in florida, that's exactly what's gonna happen. >> reporter: national polls show the race is deadlocked but in the swing states, president obama has a slight edge. later, romney turns -- urn it -- later, romney turns his attention. pruns romney has a chance of turning ohio red. >> last month we lost jobs in ohio. we're glad the numbers are with a -- are about a point below the national average but we don't think it is enough.
7:47 am
>> reporter: romney has one more day to keep the focus on president obama's record. so for one campaign appearance for mitt romney, four more to do. he will be in ohio, and then end up in new hampshire. paul ryan going out west. he will end in the swing state of wisconsin which also happens to be his home state. >> all right. thank you in our next hour we'll take you live to chicago where president obama will spend election day. coming up at 8:45, the final push the president is making to convince voters to give him four more years. also, the popular rock star, joining the president on the campaign trail today. 7:47. things are getting up in the oakland city attorney's race.
7:48 am
yesterday, oakland city council jane bruener announced that she plans to sue her opponent, city attorney, barbara packer. it's over last-minute mailers that claim that bruener had been suspended from the state bar. the state bar website shows that bruener was inactive from 1985 to 87. for to the -- 19 5 to 1987 for not -- 1985 to 1987 for not meeting continuing education requirements. the campaign you calls this a desperate political stunt. one person was cited over measure s. that would ban sitting on a sidewalk in a commercial area in berkeley from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
7:49 am
this went into effect after panhandlers were driving customers away and complaints came in. >> this is one of the few places where people drive around. >> we need everybody to feel comfortable and enjoys the downtown. >> if measure s passes, it will go into effect next july. >> you can follow the election results as they come in tomorrow route here on -- starting at 4:00 p.m. and on our website at 7:49. well, video of mount tamalpais has gone viral on the internet. it was taken by gary yost, a mill valley photographer. the video shows hip as a fire lookout volunteer. more than -- look at that. more than 300 websites have
7:50 am
already posted this six-minute video. by this past weekend. it had been uploaded more than 640,000 times and tori, it's been watched by about 84,000 people. >> it's beautiful. i like the music in the bagg -- in the background, too. there are picket signs outside of grocery stores. how long workers say they are willing to stay off the job. and how the 49ers' stadium will different today after work is completed.
7:51 am
proposition 38 bypasses sacramento, and makes education a real priority- with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38... because it makes our children #1.
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i don't want to be the bad guy anymore! >> oh! >> wrecked ralph opened better than expected at the box office. took in $49 million over the weekend, the best for any disney animation review.
7:53 am
"flight" had a better-than- expected opening. some of the industry experts say east coast families flacked -- flocked to movie theaters. by the way "argo" and "the man with the iron firsts" and "taken 2" round out the top 5. what do we want! >> contract! >> when do we want it! >> now! >> thousands of workers are still on the picket lines. employees say they have to take care of their families while management says it needs a pay freeze and benefit cuts to compete with nonunion shops. >> is the same wage changes that we've already implemented earlier. everybody has to make a sacrifice including the union members. >> i have a son to support. a son and a wife. that's what i'm looking out for. >> workers say they will stay
7:54 am
on strike until there is a better offer from the company. the company says all of its stores will remain open. >> yesterday, santa rosa memorial hospitals presented the nurses with three proposals that address night shift pay and staffing concern. the hospital needs to control costs, they say, because they anticipate lower reimbursement rates. the news -- nurses will be locked out until thursday. governor jerry brown will be in san francisco tomorrow afternoon leading one final push for proposition 30. the governor will be joined by dianne feinstein, and they will all be at the get-out-the-vote rally. let's check in with sal. let's pretty busy. >> it is. first of all, let's take a look
7:55 am
at the highway 4 commute. it has been very slow and slow from 880 because of an earlier crash. also this morning we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. 25 to 30-minute delay before you make it onto the bridge. nimitz freeway, southbound, slow from 238 all the way down into fremont. it has been very slow and also in the south bay. northbound 100 -- 101 is backed up to the expressway and now to 7:55. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. had a little bit of patchy fog. we have severe clear. i just saw a 66 near pacific da. there is a no-doubt-about-it easterly breeze. it will be warmer.
7:56 am
today looks to be the warmest day to me. we'll still be nice. but i think we gain a little more of a breeze tomorrow. this is just at the surface. 40s to 60. i mean, it's really mild on the coast. it's going to be sunny and warm for everybody here. temperatures, probably records from santa rosa to san francisco. oakland, all the way down to santa cruz which will be near 90 today. still nice on tuesday. here comes cooler weather wednesday, a very, very cold system. drops down from the gulf of mexico. we'll get a late rain into a late rain on friday. we'll go from 80s to 50s on the highs. >> all right. 7:57. back to work for a lot of people on the east coast. a week after the big superstorm sandy. we'll show you how tough the commute was for drivers trying to get into new york city. >> reporter: a naked man spotted outside of a housing complex.
7:57 am
we're live at the scene and why officers say they were forced to shoot him. oq
7:58 am
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good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's monday, it's november 5th. we have developing news. police in fremont shot and killed a man overnight after responding to a domestic violence call. ktvu's janine de la vega joining us like. you are live along central -- you are live -- joining us live. you are live along central. tell us what's happening out there? >> reporter: well, both directions here have been closed since 11:00 last night. that's because investigators are still out here on the scene interviewing a witness who live in the town hall complex. they want to make sure they talk to anybody who saw this violent confrontation between a man and his wife. officers say they received a call from a woman saying her
8:00 am
roommate was being attacked by her boyfriend. when officers arrived, they say they spotted a naked man holding a knife. they otherred him to drop the knife. he did not. police shot at him. neighbors have grown concerned about the rising amount of crime near the complex. >> this area used to be really quiet and nice. it's changed. i don't understand where people's values are nowadays or what's going on. >> reporter: police have been processing the scene gathering evidence this morning. they are not saying how many shots officers fired. but neighbors say they heard multiple gunshots. two officers are on paid leash. right now, investigators are still trying to determine what led up to this confrontation so they don't have a motive just yet but we do know that this is the first officer-involved
8:01 am
shooting of the year in fremont. back to you. in overnight news, a pleasant hill beauty salon is badly damaged after it went up in flames. alex savidge is live at the scene. what did they discover that makes this fire suspicious? >> reporter: i talked to the owner of the family-owned salon. i asked her if she knows why anybody would do this. she said no. fire investigators are still inside this business, as are some of the owners. the fire investigator out here is telling me that mainly this fire is spanished -- is considered suspicious because the first crews got here late last night found a million that tov cocktail. it -- million that love
8:02 am
cocktail with liquid -- molotov cocktail inside, a beer with liquid inside. it was also suspicious that the front window of the salon had already been broken when the crews got here. this quickly turned into ra criminal investigation because all of the signs pointed to an intentional start and the arson investigator says because of the apparent cocktail found near the business, he was looking for curved pieces of glasses. >> if you are looking at an incident where an incendiary device like a molotov cook tame was used, we're looking for curved glass and that would different eight from window glass or mirrored glass.
8:03 am
>> reporter: -- differentiate from window glass or mirrored glass. >> reporter: the bottle will be checked for fingerprints. the arson investigator will be interviewing with all trying to get a sense of who may have burned the place overnight. the business itself is ensured, which is a good thing. as you can see, it's a small fire but it did quite a lot of -- quite a bit of damage overnight. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. a head-on crash south of sacramento leaves four people dead. seven others in the hospital. it happened yesterday afternoon on northbound interstate 5 near the elk grove boulevard exit. the chp says an surf that was heading south had nine people in it, lost control, hit the center divide and hit a car that was headed northbound. the highway was shut down for
8:04 am
several hours. four teenagers were arrested over the weekend, they are accused of several car burglaries in the petaluma area. it started when petaluma police received a report of a stolen forerunner. during that investigation someone called the police calling four suspicious teens who jumped out of the forerunner on sunrise parkway. when police arrived, they say one of the teenagers ran into a house and asked the people inside for a ride out of the area. police are not able to -- police were able to identify the teenager. they called his mother. she called police. the other teenagers were also arrested. we have more information on the supe superstorm sandy. in new jersey, governor chris christie says voters will be able to cast traditional paper
8:05 am
ballots in polling stations that have lost power and new jersey voters displaced by the storm will be fishen the on sun to -- on -- will be given the option about their voting. this is video of traffic in new jersey's lincoln tunnel where delays of 90 minutes have been reported. there's still long gas lines too. gas is in very short supply. but there's good news. 80% of new york city's subway system has reopened. well, hyundai and kia apologizing now for overstating fuel efficiency for 900 cars -- cars in the u.s. the carmaker
8:06 am
built up better than average gas mileage. a national -- the national average price of gas has dropped to 3.47. the highest price in the country, still, san francisco. that's down 16 cents in a week. around the rest of the bay area, it's averaging 3.95. that's about 19 cents a gallon cheaper. not nice to see is some slow traffic out there. what's going on at 880? >> it's pretty slow. 880 is slow because of earlier problems in downtown oakland. you can see northbound traffic is going to be slowing down. the closer you get to downtown.
8:07 am
508 is backed up to about high street. we've had a tough commute. at the bay bridge, it's been a steady -- dash a steady but slow. the only hopeful sign i key is the traffic moving better than it was last time. in san jose we've had a lot of slow traffic and it's gonna be slow on 101 as well from -- just north of the blossom hill area and 85 is slow from 87. let's go to steve. all right, thank you. had some patchy fog. i think most of that is gone. it's mild on the coast. i saw a 6 on peninsula. today will be record-setting territory but we'll go from really warm to really cold. sunny, warm, records look like a slam dunk. the cooling will begin on wednesday and then a big change
8:08 am
thursday/friday. highs will go from the 80s from the 50s to friday. it will still be warm inland. some of the records here, santa rosa, four times they've hit 83 degrees. i'm going 85. san francisco, 80, going 85 today. so it should be no problem. some locations in the city are 74. pretty good east wind coming off right before the oakland hills. san rafael will be close. 83 is a record. we're going 82. that sees 82 going back to -- that ties 82 going back. everything in this -- is in
8:09 am
place for 50s, 60s. high pressure is here today and tomorrow. and then a cold dynamic system will be dropping in. sunny and warm today. record highs, breezy to blustery. very warm along the coast. i me temperature, temperature, 70s and 8os and santa cruz, 88. here comes the system out of the north. recovery on the weekend. but it had be cold over the weekend. the cost for the parade for the giants last week, about a million dollars. the "chronic" says more than 4100 san francisco students skipped school to be at the parade. that last the school district almost $159,000 in state funding. most of the absent students were in a.m. about 7% were elementary school
8:10 am
kids. 9% of middle school kids were also absent. 8:09. san francisco's on track to approve a plan that would rebuild pier 70. sometime in december, the board of supervisors is expected to give the go ahead for a $100 million project that will restore the 65-acre pier. the plan will convert the run downbuildings into other buildings. a plan for offroad use by motorcycles, atvs and other vehicles. here's the area. environmentists oppose this.
8:11 am
it is a very unlikely unpairing. of circumstances that could end up with mitt romney and joe biden in the white house.
8:12 am
8:13 am
if you're downtown at market, it's 66 degrees. it will be sunny and warm. temperatures, low to mid 80s.
8:14 am
78:13 -- 8:13. here's alison burns. >> reporter: take a look at how close this race is nationally. a rasmussen poll out this morning shows romney up by 1. a cnn poll last night shows a tie. pew has obama up by 3. politico has them both tied. nbc has obama up by 1. we've already seen romney rallying supporters this morning. here he is in florida. he also campaigns today in virginia, ohio and virginia. >> tomorrow, we begin a new tomorrow. tomorrow we begin a better tomorrow. this dey nation is gonna be --
8:15 am
this nation is gonna change for the better tomorrow. [ cheers ] >> reporter: and this is a look at president obama's rally in wisconsin. he will be joined by bruce springsteen and he will make sops in ohio and iowa -- stops in ohio and iowa. the president appears to be holding on to a razor-blade state in ohio, a state that could make or break the election. back to you. 8:15. with the presidential election so tight. political analysts are talking about what could happen in the unlikely event that president obama and mitt romney end one a tie, each getting 269 electoral college vote -- end up with a tie, each getting 269 electoral
8:16 am
college votes. well, while both presidential candidates are campaigning in several states today, they are gonna make their final pitches today on television. president obama and mitt romney are taping interviews that will air during monday night football between the philadelphia eagles and new orleans saints. chris berman will do the interviews and you can see them at halftime tonight. if the so-called red skin rule is -- is to be believed, mitt romney is win the election. since 1974, the red skins have been 17-1 in predicting who will be the next president. the red skin rule predicts if they win their games as well.
8:17 am
:16. some big -- 8:16. some big pieces of the 49er stadium are scheduled to be put in place today. concrete will be put mountain tower of the suites. and -- will be put in the tower of the suites. construction crews say the project is on schedule to open in time for the start of the 2014 nfl season. notorious mobsster james whitey bulger remains a hospital. the 3-year-old was rushed therer -- the 83-year-old was rushed there today after complaining of chest pains. he faces a long list of charges, including 19 murders. he was arrested last year in santa monica after being on the lam for 16 years.
8:18 am
closing arguments are set in the trial for a san francisco man accused of three violent sexual accounts. fredrick dozier is charged with 26 felony counts. the charges stem from three separate accounts on women last year. if congressed, dozier could -- if convicted, dozier could face 15 years in prison. and max wide was ordered to stand trial two weeks ago. today, a judge is expected to set a pretrial date and wade could be arraigned on more charges. 8:18. starting today, army prosecutors will argue the case against a american soldier accused of a killing tree in afghanistan. last march, robert bales, allegedly killed 16 afghans and wounded six others. mostly women and children. the pretrial hearing a -- at a military base will last about
8:19 am
two weeks. afghan villagers will testify by way of satellite. the trial will determine if bales could face a full court marshal. the homicide rate reached a 16- year high. it will take months before the police department gets help fighting crime there. 44 cadets are going through training but they are not expected to begin patrols next summer. over the weekend, san jose recorded its 40th homicide of the year. that ties the homicide total for all of last year. san francisco's district attorney wants to be a new system to help the attorneys in his office look at criminal cases. according to the examiner, george gascon says his office lacks the technology needed to look at the more 12,000 faces
8:20 am
they -- 12,000 cases they deal with every year. they want to bring a program here that compares statistics but he wants to use the version that analyzes trends into criminal cases. a reality tv show finally made its way to tilley -- silicon valley. the new series that debuts tonight. and why some say it's a bit more show than reality. we're gonna show you our weather looking out the window. it will be hot. >> yeah. >> but a big turn in the weather is on the way. stay tuned for steve. he will tell you when that change is you coming. and it will be slow. look at 6 0. i will tell you why all of a sudden this traffic is bogging down.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
it was only a matter of time before reality tv producers found their way to the silicon valley. tonight bravo will reveal "startups silicon valley." this series follows entrepreneurs trying to make it big. the show's reater, randy zuckerburg says the success -- randi zuckerberg says --
8:24 am
>> i there's misconception out there that you have to be a dude and that's not true. >> critics say it's too white, too party prune. watch at 8:00 to see if any of the cast members get an idea off the ground. a demolition project that starts this week may cause traffic headaches. traffic is gonna be rerouted around 1500 newell avenue. parts of main street and newell will be closed during the work. the demolition is expected to be finished before thanksgiving. let's see how our commute is holding up. >> we've had some slow traffic
8:25 am
on 680. let's start with the toll plaza. almost everyone -- not everyone, but a lot of people come through this area. it's backedded up to about a 20- minute, 0-minute delay. if you see where the traffic is -- 30-minute delay. if you see where the traffic is there, we're not there just yet. we mentioned contra costa, if you are driving from pleasant hill to walnut creek, it's slow. one of the good things, we got rid of the crashes. as we move to the livermore valley, it's been slow. the chuckle in my voice, is not one of amusement. it's a chuckle of look at all of that slow traffic. are you kidding hee? it's very slow from near marina boulevard. let's go to steve. a lot of sunshine.
8:26 am
very warm temperatures. i just looked. half moon bay is 71 degrees right now. >> we have a lot of sunshine. record-setting territory, possibly 90 in santa cruz. we'll go from the 80s on monday to the 50s on friday. this will be a very interesting week. record highs, the coast will be the warmest day -- warmest today, no doubt about it. it has no problem making it to the east. east, northeast, east-southeast that's the direction the wind is coming from. it's all offshore. south of market, 68. it's 6 in the marina -- it's six six in the marina -- 66 in.
8:27 am
marina. record highs on the coast. no doubt about it. slam dunk. tomorrow will be warm. it will still be sunny. if you are saying, it's just too warm. hang in there because by wednesday everything will -- everything will start to turn around. and our highs will go from the 50s and we'll get a cold rain by this time friday, dave. 8:27. boy, they were trapped under a capsized boat. >> they were communicating through the hull. they were about 200 yards offshore at that time. >> an incredible story about how two children were finally rescued. they are lucky to be alive in marin county.
8:28 am
8:29 am
heading into the holidays you look for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now, get a super low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces. 12 rolls of bounty are $11.99. that's a dollar a roll!
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and charmin is $11.99 for 30 rolls. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. welcome back. a teenaged driver in oakland loses control of his car and crashes in oakland's new chinatown neighborhood. tara moriarty is live out there with the details of the damage and also what we now know about the cause of that crash. tara? >> reporter: well, take a look at the damage to the fabric store. you can see on the ground there's even pieces of busted pipe and if we kind of go around the corner there, you can see where the electrical boxes are and the electricity had to be shut off. the accident actually started across the street. that's where you can see a gate lying there in the parking lot. witnesses say that around
8:31 am
midnight, a teenager was picking up his father. instead of hitting the brag, he hit the gas pedal and lurched forward all the way across the street into the shop. neighbors upstairs heard the crash. >> my son say, momma, momma! i stream. i stream -- i scream. i scream. >> reporter: can't get any sleep? >> can't sleep well. >> reporter: we're here on the corner of 12th avenue and east 12th street and this truck hit a waterline so crews had to turn off the water supply and they were also forced to turn off the power. no word when the power will be restored. investigators tell us there's
8:32 am
no evidence that alcohol or drugs played a role in the accident and luckily no one was hurt. live in oakland, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> firefighters rushed to the who home -- to the home at san leandro and davis street around 8:30 last night. two people were already trying to fight the game -- fight the flames. the election is tomorrow. more than 800,000 residents have already voted by mail. brian flores has more. >> reporter: the voters that we with say they like the convenience of early voting but
8:33 am
we did find some who liked the traditional voting as well. the one thing that's different this year is the amount of early voters. it's not just here. already about .25 of other counties have turned in ballots. >> we always vote by mail. it's easier. get it over with and then i don't have to listen to all of the -- all of the hoopla that goes around. >> i have a with youcy day. it's hard for me to take the time. >> i love wearing the sticker. >> and others say that they like going to the polls because it makes them feel like they are part of the election
8:34 am
process. while there are many key issues. some say despite the election, somemy not be going to the polls this year. >> i feel about that in the sense, i -- i do want to vote. but it's just -- you know, who to vote for, what to vote for and i'm very discouraged with the system, the way things are right now. >> reporter: again, half of the california voters are expected to vote by mail this year. the state reports there are more than 19 million registered voters. that's actually up about 940,000 than the preelection. we're live in san francisco, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> political analysts are talking about what would happen in the unlikely event president obama and mitt romney end up in a tie in electoral college
8:35 am
votes. in that stays, the constitution calls for the house to choose the president and since republicans are expected to hold onto the house, presumably they would pick mitt romney. but then -- and this is where it really gets interesting -- the choice of vice president calls to the senate. that's expected to remain in control of the democrats and they would probably select joe biden. >> let us vote! let us vote! >> take a look at florida. election workers tried to close the door to early voters three hours early. the people who have been standing in line for hours were furious. the first election workers said they didn't have the staff or the resources to handle so many people. when the crowd refused to leave, those workers allowed everybody to vote. you can follow the election
8:36 am
votes as they come in tomorrow right here at 4:00 p.m. and also on our channel 2 website, 8:35, occupy posters say they will go back to -- occupy protesters say they will go back to washington, d.c. they say they want today's event to show the government that "we are the 99%." organizers are calling for a peaceful demonstration and protesters are warned that no weapons will be allowed and no violence will be tolerated. the east coast is preparing for another big storm, even as the region works to recover from super storm, sandy. a nor'easter could hit midweek causing more beach erosion, flooding and rain. thousands of homes are without power. on top of that everything else, a small earthquake hit
8:37 am
overnight. that rattled a part of new jersey. the quake was centered in ringwood. while the quake did not cause any damage, some people reported hearing a loud boom. the last time the quake struck the size of new jersey, seven people including four children are safe after being rescued from a capsized vote in marin valley. the rescuers used that saw and they were able to rescue two mall kids trapped for 90 minutes in that boat. -- two small kids trapped for 90 minutes in that vote. nobody rescued was wearing a life jacket. >> normally these type of incidents don't turn out the
8:38 am
way they did. >> the two -- the two children were taken to the hospital with vancouver hypothermia -- hospital with severe hypothermia. it is 8:37. want to see what's happening on the 680. >> s that right. there is an -- that's right. southbound 680. traffic may be slow in this area. a lot of the slow traffic is in the walnut creek area. we're also looking at a lot of slow traffic on hayward, heading south from about marina boulevard and pockets down to southern fremont. this commute is gonna be busy -- i think i messed up here. southbound, northbound, 101, very slow traffic as you come up, especially from 280 as you
8:39 am
head into sunnyvale. northbound 880 from recovering from earlier traffic near downtown oakland. we checked the toll plaza. let's check in with steve. temperatures are -- if you don't have that easterly breeze then you are probably in the 50s. but if you do, 60s to low 70s. we have record highs looking very likely today. santa rosa, now four times on this date they've been 83 degrees, going 85. sonoma county airport. the all-time high in november for san francisco is 86. set on november 1st, 1966. oakland, i think that's pretty much a given. pretty good breeze coming off the oakland hills into berkeley and i've seen gusts to about
8:40 am
30. san rafael will be close. need to get to 83. the key on santa cruz, their record is 90 in 1996. i'm going 1988. it will be really close. warmest temperatures will be -- warmest temperatures will be on the coast. but inland will be nice. high pressure is building in this a big way -- building in this a big way. east-southeast at 5. and east 9 at napa. again about 20 to 30. 60s to mid-60s already for some. i mean it's going to be a day with a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures across the board. don't hang your hat on it because a really cold system will drop in. record highs today, windy up in the hill, very nice to warm on the coast. 70s and 80s. this will be a record setting day for many, especially from
8:41 am
half moon bay. 88 from santa cruz, a lot of low 80s inland. nice to warm on tuesday. cool down starts on wednesday. late rain with a cold system. friday we'll be in the 50s. 8:40. police in modesto investigate ecthe shooting of a 1-year-old girl. her family rushed her to a modesto hospital yesterday afternoon, then she was airlifted to oakland children's hospital for surgery. the 1-year-old reportedly is in critical but stable condition. the police investigate continues and at least one man has been detained for questioning. jury is scheduled to resume deliberations on whether a former south bay school principal broke the law by not reporting a teacher molesting a student. the principal says she believed that teacher craig chandler's
8:42 am
explanation that he was conducting a lesson on helen keller when a student complained he blindfolded her and touched her inappropriately. chandler's awaiting trial on charges he molested five children. 8:41. school -- california school districts are dealing with a lunch-time trial and error sper machine, you could say to get children to eat healthier foods. but what the kids say they like is not always what they eat. most childrens are just tossing the healthier needs aside. the federal nutrition standards require schools to offer more fruits an vegetables. regular calories an emphasize whole greens. the charter school's trend is growing with 11 new schools opening this year. nearly a quarter the county's grade school students are enrolled in charter
8:43 am
schools. we're definitely on election watch. the day before voters head to the polls. live picture. there's bruce springsteen on stage. we're gonna take you to -- this is president obama's campaign appearance just getting underway. bruce springsteen's taking center stage. stay tuned for more details.
8:44 am
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8:46 am
well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. 8:46. less than 24 hours now until election day and mitt romney will watch the election returns come in tomorrow in boston. president obama will be in chicago. right now, though, he's at a rally in virginia where bruce springsteen has been performing. it looks like he's talking to the crowd right now. let's listen in. >> to new and unimaginable possibilities. to hope and to change. [ cheers ] >> but today now we're charged
8:47 am
with the hard, daily struggle to make those possibilities real and enduring in a world that cams your hopefulness, a world that's brutally resistant to change. we've lived over that when the -- when this was happening four years. i stood by president obama four years ago. i'm sticking by him again because he promised me a ride on air force one. [laughter] >> i'm thankful for more regulator wall streets that will begin to protect our citizens from the blind and greed and my father, my dad worked on the ford assemblyline. i was a child and i'm thankful that we had a president that
8:48 am
had faith in the automobile industry. and that general motors is today making cars -- >> once again, you are listening live to bruce springsteen talking at a rally. it's in wisconsin. there's many key battleground states that the candidates will be visiting. the president will be going to ohio and mitt romney hitting some very important key battleground states as well. and kid rock will be playing at the rallies for mitt romney today. we're closely watching the final day before the election day starts tomorrow. we'll have full coverage starting tomorrow afternoon. 8:48. santa clara county is offering a free new smartphone app.
8:49 am
the app allows looking up polling places, tracking, and read the background on the candidates. the app is available for iphones, ipads and android platforms. let's bring you up to date some om-- up to date on some of the other -- the other top stories's -- we're following for you. a strong winter storm, a nor'easter, could pit the east coast the middle of this week bringing freezing cold, more rain and beach erosion. thousands still without power in new york city. experts are expected to drop in the 20s overnight. back here at home, the owners of a beauty salon in pleasant hill. they are returning to work to find their business damaged by an overnight fire. this is suspicious they say, and alex savidge has been there
8:50 am
all morning. he will bring us an update in about seven minutes and in fremont police shop and killed -- from montpolice shot and killed a -- fremont police shot and killed a naked man. let's go to janine. >> reporter: well, dave, police have wrapped up their investigation here at the scene. but you still see two police cars out here. they are waiting for crime scene investigators to arrive. there's a lot of blood in the doorway. neighbors say the children were home at the time of the shooting but we're still trying to confirm that with police. officers say a woman called 911 last night saying her room was being attacked by her husband. when any arrived, they saw a naked man chasing with a knife in his hand. officers told him to drop the knife. he would in the and he shot
8:51 am
him. >> i seen a police officer running that way and they ordered somebody to get on the ground. right after that, they opened fire on that. >> reporter: what did it count like -- what did it sound like? >> 15, 20 shot, pop, pop, pop, pop! >> reporter: the man was taken to the hospital. he was 37 years old. he was pronounced dead at the scene. he was from san jose. neighbors tell us he and his wife were going through problems and they were going through a break. we're told one of the officers is on paid leave -- the officers are on paid leave. one of the officers has been on the department for three years. the other, 20 years. we're not sure how many shots were fired. but we're actually questioning how many times -- but neighbors are actually questioning how many times the shots were
8:52 am
fired. and why the day -- and why weren't the tasers used. the pittsburgh zoo killed after a boy was killed by a wild pack of african dogs after the child fell into a pit at the zoo. police say she was trying to give her son a better view and, he lost his balance, fell down -- fell down there and died. it's not clear if the child died from the fall or the attack. a pleasant hill beauty salon is badly damaged after it went up in flames. what firefighters found that makes them believe it was set on purpose. we'll look outside. look at the toll plaza. sal is come back -- sal is wuming down -- sal -- sal is coming back one final check.
8:53 am
this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight.
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8:55 am
time is now 8:55. a pleasant hill beauty salon badly damaged after going up in flames. alex savidge is live at the strip mall on contra costa boulevard and you just talked with the business owner. what are they saying? >> reporter: well, that is a family-run business, dave, and i talked to the salon owner. she told me, she has no idea why an arsonist would set fire to the police. but investigators say that's exactly what happened overnight at this salon. the place is being boarded up
8:56 am
this this morning. a contra costa county firefighter spent the morning out here processing thises is a crime scene. that investigator says he's confident the fire was set intentionally. that's in large part because of what was found outside of the business was a molotov cocktail using a beer bottle. it was also suspicious that the front window of the salon was already broken out when the first fire crews got here around 11:30 last night. this hair and nail salon, magic touch is in a trip mall on pleasant hill. one woman who has a business here doesn't understand why somebody did this. >> no enemies or -- if somebody knows, oh, my gosh. they will be lucky if we don't find out because it will be
8:57 am
bad. i guess the police have to take care of that. >> reporter: the apparent molotov cocktail found will be checked for fingerprints according to investigators. the salon, obviously, will be closed for some time. the owner said the business is ensured -- insured. they hope to reopen soon. back to you. >> thank you, alex. let's check in one her time with sal. what's going on in san francisco -- check in one more time with sal. what's going on in san francisco? >> well, we have to go to san ramon first. first, 680 at bullinger, this crash is now looking several lanes. if you are on 680, give yourself plenty of time. the toll plaza, the traffic is backed up here for about a 25- minute delay. we did mention, san francisco, northbound and southbound 101 in the city, the traffic is going okay. snipe, very warm temperatures. record highs today.
8:58 am
they will be close inland. it lightnings -- it looks like know -- no doubt about it. we'll go 80s to a cold rain and 50s by friday. >> this forecast this week -- >> it will be one extreme to the other. >> yeah, back and forth. >> all right, steve. that's our report. thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. be sure to join the news as noon. thanks for watching.
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